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🦈 Sharks circling the Armada

Sharky set to use Armada token locking mechanisms

Sharky set to use Armada Token Mechanisms

Sharky is the leading NFT liquidity platform on Solana, allowing users to borrow and lend against their NFTs. They have captured over 90% of the NFT loan market and are gearing up for the SHARK token launch. We are excited to announce that ahead of their token launch, Sharky has decided to join the Armada fleet.

The SHARK token will utilize Armada’s token locking and rewards infrastructure along with on-chain token distribution mechanisms. The entirety of their plans are not yet public, but the Armada team is excited to support them. Some new features will be added to provide the best experience for their community.

Welcome to the fleet 🚢 🦈

Armada has a suite of token mechanisms for locking, rewarding, and distribution. Organizations can bring transparent tokenomics to their community by leveraging Armada’s existing infrastructure. Trusted by the largest teams on Solana and securing over $100m.